FS 110
Revolutionary new engine design is powerful, lightweight and highly fuel efficient. Professionals will appreciate the fast acceleration and cutting torque in high, wet grass. The STIHL 4-MIX® engine meets EPA 2005 standards and has longer running times before refueling. Protective glasses supplied with these units. - $369.95

FS 85 - Accepts Gear Box Attachments!
Quick-starting engine and solid drive shaft are ideal for extended use, particularly with metal blades. High tensile strength aluminum outer tubes offer high quality and light weight. Can be used with gearhead attachments. Protective glasses provided. - $329.95

FS 80
Featuring Stihl's 25.4 cc "Pro" engine and a flex drive cable. The straight shaft allows you to stay closer to your trimming for precise control and handling. All-gear transmission. High performance clutch minimizes clutch slippage under extreme conditions. Protective glasses are supplied. - $269.95

FS 55
Available with bike or loop handles, a primer bulb and throttle lock assure fast, reliable starts. Other features include an easy access air filter and semi-automatic, 2-line AUTOCUT® head. Protective glasses are supplied. - $199.95

FS 46
Lightweight and powerful, the FS 46 has an extra long shaft to make trimming jobs easier. Can use either nylon line or a PolyCut® head. Stihl's famous Quad Power® engine is standard, as is a heavy-duty steel-on-steel clutch. Protective glasses are supplied. - $169.95

FS 45
Low cost, consumer trimmer. Lightweight with fast-cutting double line AUTOCUT® head and easy-to-service air filter. Primer bulb and starting throttle lock provide fast, easy starts. Protective glasses are supplied. - $149.95