Mantis Tiller/Cultivator

Lightweight, but powerful
enough to till through sod and compacted soil. Our unique, patented serpentine tines turn soil into a fine texture, ready for planting. At 20 pounds it's easy to carry - to the shed, to the car, or to your neighbor who can't wait to try it! Great for senior gardeners. Fold-down handlebars now make it even easier to transport in your car or store in your shed.

Easy to handle. The convenient 9-inch tine width makes it easy to maneuver among perennials, into corners, between shrubs, and around trees. Perfect for raised beds, and gardens of all sizes.

Fun to use. Weeding is a snap! Just reverse the tilling tines. A 30' x 40' garden can be completely weeded in 20 minutes. Optional attachments & accessories will improve your gardening, lawn, & landscaping.

FREE Border Edger Attachment when you purchase the Mantis Tiller. Plus free assembly video.


Lightweight, powerful and versatile are just a few of the words that describe this new grounds maintenance system from Stihl. Using a universal power train, this machine easily changes from a cultivator to other useful tools.

The YARD BOSS® comes standard with a "pick tine" cultivator set, as shown in the photo. Also available is an optional weight kit. This kit helps the tines more efficiently cultivate the soil. The optional "bolo tine" cultivator set is also available. Other attachments are to follow, making this a must-have for around the home.

(Shown with pick tines and optional weight kit.)

Powered by STIHL HomeScaper Series® engine
Convenient throttle/start/run/stop controls built into the handle
Compact, balanced, streamlined and ergonomic handle makes it easy to operate
Handle folds for easy transport and storage
Front handle makes it easy and balanced to carry
Cultivator attachment uses "pick" style tines to aggressively loosen soil
Easy to adapt for other uses, with future attachments coming