MS 660
Designed for heavy-duty cutting in big timber, the MS 660 combines high power with low weight. Decompression valve makes starting easier and IntelliCarb® helps keep the saw running at full RPM. - 

MS 460
The MS 460 is a tough, high-performance saw that's easy to use and maintain. Has more engine power and more torque than the MS 440, yet weighs only 14.4 lbs. New lightweight flywheel makes limbing easier. Optimized anti-vibration system and decompression valve assure quicker starts and smoother operation. Available in Arctic® version. 

MS 441
One of the world's largest-selling professional saws. Powerful, all-around model for felling and bucking, the MS 440's smooth contours also make it a great limbing saw. Delivers 5% more power than the previous model. Available in Arctic® version. IntelliCarb® and heavy duty filter lets you cut longer between filter cleanings. - 

MS 361
Designed for professional pulpwood and firewood cutting. Includes IntelliCarb® compensating carburetor with decompression valve and adjustable oil pump. -

MS 200T Chain Saw
The Ultimate Arborist Saw
For in-tree professional use only.
The MS 200T is extremely well balanced with the same durability and a narrower profile than the legendary 020S and 24% ligther. Other performance features include a side access chain tensioner, Master Control Lever®, adjustable oiler, STIHL Quickstop® chain brake and retractable carrying ring. -

This mid-sized saw is excellent for firewood cutters. Standard features include the Stihl Quick Chain Adjuster as well as a heavy-duty AV system. -


MS 260
Excellent power to weight ratio and an improved air filter system help make the MS 260 one of Stihl's most efficient professional saws. Other user-friendly features include side access chain tensioner, view-through fuel tank and toolless fuel and oil caps. 

MS 192T Chain Saw
For in-tree professional use only.
Combines value and performance in a lightweight, compact chain saw. The MS 191T has 11% more power than the 019T, plus excellent balance and a retractable carrying ring. Exclusive curved side handle allows tree trimmer to operate saw in var

MS 180C Chain Saw
STIHL MiniBoss®

Equipped with electronic ignition, STIHL Quickstop® inertia chain brake and anti-vibration system, the MS 180C starts fast and is comfortable to use. Stihl's exclusive Quick Chain Adjuster is standard.

MS 250
Has an excellent power to weight ratio. Side access chain tensioner is standard, as is the Master Control Lever®. Quick Chain Adjuster is also available as an option. -

MS 210C
Excellent mid-range saw for firewood cutters. Professional features include Master Control Lever®. Chain, bar and outboard mounted sprocket are simple to remove when maintenance is required. Shown with optional side access chain tensioner.

Compact handle. Great for trimming and cutting small trees. -

MSE 140 Electric Chain Saw

MSE 180C Electric Chain Saw

Suitable for a variety of light-duty commercial cutting needs. Wide trigger switch makes operation easier. Quick Chain Adjuster and side access chain tensioner are optional. -

An excellent power to weight ratio plus several other features which make the MSE 180C an excellent buy. Included are a slip clutch which helps protect the motor if the chain should stall, thermal overload switch, Ematic® bar lubrication system and Quick Chain Adjuster. -