The Master II Model 13902

The Master II has been redesigned to offer the user greater comfort and versatility. We have reduced the amount of material in the groin area, and repositioned the leg straps to provide the user more comfort while suspending on an overhead line. Additional ýtie inţ points have been added for either work positioning or overhead suspension. We now use a firm filler in the backpad for added back support. Floating leg pads allow the user to position where they are most comfortable. Work positioning and suspension dee rings now have a 40° bend to ease attachment of carabiners or rope snaps.

The Pinnacle Model 1391TD

The Pinnacle Saddle is similar to a traditional-style saddle with added comfort and features. The batten seat provides ultimate comfort when suspending from an overhead line. Friction buckles on the seat strap are fully adjustable to provide the perfect center of balance. A firm back pad provides superior back support while working aloft. The waist strap is available with a friction or tongue buckle.

The Traverse Model 1392

The Traverse Saddle is similar to the Pinnacle, but utilizes two sliding dee rings for overhead suspension, offering the user superior lateral movement. We now use a 6 ply neoprene impregnated nylon suspension strap for added wear resistance. The two sliding dee rings, adjustable center of balance, and batten seat make the Traverse a favorite among tree workers.

The Versatile Model 1393T

This saddle is exactly what the name implies ˇ versatile. With the addition of two extra loops, there are even more ways to suspend oneself or to tie off. Use double locking carabiners or rope snaps with any of the seven loops or attach a double locking carabiner with the high density roller (shown on page 23) and use as a sliding dee ring type saddle. The batten seat is comfortable and adjustable to your personal preference.

Model 1340

Floating dee ring saddle with individual padded leg straps. Extra thick padding in the back support and leg straps provides comfort. The floating dee ring offers the user superior freedom of movement when in the tree. Also available with two floating dee rings. See below for ordering information.

Model 1349

A lightweight version of our popular Model 1340 saddle shown on page 24. An 8" wide rigid back pad provides plenty of support. The combination of padded individual leg straps and a floating dee ring offers the climber superior freedom of movement.

Model 1377

Two floating dee rings with individual padded leg straps

Model 1371 with 1" neoprene leg straps

Buckingham's line of padded wide back saddles provide superior comfort and support. The back support is 5 1/2" wide and constructed with rubberized belting material, 1/4" thick foam, and lined with soft top grain leather for longer life. The seat section consists of 3" wide cotton webbing reinforced with 1 3/4" nylon and lined with soft top grain leather. Each saddle comes standard with a 1 3/4" steel ring and accessory snap on each side to suspend equipment.

With Individual Leg Straps

With Batten Seat