1/2" 3 Strand Nylon Rope Adjustable
Length w/1706 Locking Snap Hooks on Both Ends

Prusik Lanyard Model 7VV2A110J (Carabiner not included)

The 2 in 1 Safety Prusik Lanyard provides the user a means to stay continuously secured to the tree when climbing over obstructions. Buckingham uses different color thimbles to easily distinguish each end of the lanyard. This eases the task of climbing over obstructions. This particular model is 10' in length. Available in any length desired by designating the last numeric digit as the length, i.e. 7VV2110J (10' length).

The Prusik Loop is made of 16 strand 1/2" braided blue streak rope, which is looped around a 3-strand twist nylon rope. The combination of braided rope and twisted rope offers the best combination for this application.

7V08A110M (10' length Bluestreak)
Adjustable 16 Strand Polyester Fliplines

The new adjustable fliplines from Buckingham makes climbing with safety lanyards safer and easier. The addition of the microcender gives the user the ability to easily adjust the length of the lanyard with one hand. With the microcender at the user's side, (where it's needed) no longer will the user have to hug the tree to adjust his lanyard. Unlike other adjustable lanyards that only adjust to one half of their total length, the adjustable flipline will adjust from just a couple of inches up to its full length. Each flipline comes with a 1706 Locking Rope snap on one end and an eye splice on the other to prevent rope from slipping through the ascender. Fliplines are available in custom lengths of 1/2" Bluestreak, Safety Blue, High Vee and XTC Spearmint. Also available with Gibbs ascender. (Add Suffix P) Last two numeric digits designate lanyard length.