Marvin-ARS hand saw w/gullets

Marvin F-350 tri-edge hand saw

Marvin-ARS Turbocut Saw Blade




Marvin-ARS Saw Blade w/gullets

Marvin 330 Tri-edge w/hook

Belted hand saw sheath






S-11 (snap-cut 2OB blade)

Marvin Razortooth (Bi-cut)

Marvin 330 Tri-Edge







S-14 17" Fanno Mondo Blade






The Pocket Boy - $24.95

A little giant, the POCKETBOY has grown from Silky's family. Super lightweight and durable with a strikingly cmpact design and marvelous cutting capacity. Both 130mm and 170mm versions of the Pocketboy accept fine and large tooth blades.

Zubat - $58.95

The Zubat is a professional, heavy duty, curved blade saw. It's blade length is  330mm,7.5teeth/30mm.suitable for cutting large branches. Also comes in 300mm, & 270mm blades.
Mono-construction with a moulded rubber handle.
Specially designed sheath for the curved blade with a detachable belt holder.
The blade can be fitted to ZUBAT pole saw.
A lightweight extension pole saw with ZUBAT 330mm blade,available in 2 lengths:
1200mm pole reaching 2700mm fully extended including blade,and 1500mm pole reaching 3300mm.
The pole is oval shaped to assure firmness when sawing.

Ibuki - $68.95

A true professional heavy duty curved saw with blade length 390mm,6.5teeth/30mm.
Most suitable for pruning large branches at lower and higher position.
A large and comfortable rubber hand-grip gives strength and flexibility to the full length of the saw.
The blade can be fitted to Hayauchi pole saw.