Buckstrap / Adjustable Lanyard with Locking Snaps
* Available in 1/2 or 5/8, 3-strand filament Dacron, 12-strand Da Pro single braid or coated Sta-Set double braid.
* Sliding Prusik allows use as adjustable flipline.
* Length of adjustability: 3'-6' or 4'-9'.

Wire Core Flipline
* Available in 1/2, Safety Blue Hi-Vee braided over wire.
* Tight snag free construction.
* Suze and construction allow use of most ascenders/adjusters.
* Unique eye termination helps alleviate pivot point stress for increased service life.
* Lightweight for improved performance and easier use.
* Length: 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'; with eye in both ends or eye in one end and locking snap in the other.

Prusik Loop with Locking Snap
* Available in 1/2, 3-strand filament Dacron or nylon, 12-strand single braid, or Sta-Set double braid.
* Locking snap spliced into the rope for versatility and ease of operation.
* Tie into a Prusik knot as a safety on a climbing line or as an adjustment for fliplines.
* Length: 20

Without Locking Snap
* Spliced continuous loop.
* Eliminates the need to check and retie knots.
* Use with locking carabiner.
* Length: 20, not available in 3-strand.

Lanyard with Locking Snap on Each End
* Available in 1/2, 3-strand filament Dacron.
* Use as aerial bucket lanyard, simple flipline, basic safety lanyard.
* Length 6' or 8

Flipline / Beranek Lanyard Backsplice on One End, Locking Snap on Other End
* Available in 1/2 or 5/8, 3-strand filament Dacron or Sta-Set double braid.
* Use as adjustable flipline with either Prusik loop or mechanical adjustment device.
* Easy to adjust length by simply pulling on tail.
* Length: 8'

Footlock Runner Locking Snap on One End, 11 Eye on Other End
* Available in 1/2, 12-strand single braid, Sta-Set double braid or 3-strand filament dacron.
* Loop can be tied into a Prusik knot around climbing line for use as a limb walking lanyard or a footlock safety.
* Allows extra freedom while working in the tree.
* Length: 42

Samson strength and quality in multipurpose accessory cords. Samson Accessory Cords are the "utility player" in the Samson arborist line-up. From throwing lines to tie-downs and pruning pole cords, they have hundreds of uses on any job site. And, with the strength of Samson behind them, you are assured ofconsistent quality and long life. Color: Black Please note that Accessory Cords are NOT intended or designed to be used for climbing, rappelling, or rescue ropes.

A 12-strand braided rope made from Dyneema fiber that is Samthane urethane coated orange. It is very lightweight, strong for its size and can be used as a rigging control or positioning line. Easy to work with and easy to see.

A general purpose cord with a braided nylon cover and twisted nylon core. Samson's Nylon Starter Cord has excellent knot retention. Please note that Nylon Starter Cords are not intended or designed to be used for climbing, rappelling, or rescue ropes.

TECH 12®
A unique single braid made from Technora fiber. Well suited for Prusik Loops due to the fiber's excellent heat resistance. Available in your choice of four colors: black, red, green, or blue. Color Code X: Black = 2; Red = 4; Green = 5; Blue = 8

A 12-strand Samthane coated, high tenacity polyester rope offering high strength, low stretch, and outstanding abrasion resistance. Its firmness and abrasion resistance are due to special Samthane type "S" coating which allows for easy splicing whilte enhancing wear life and snag resistance. These characteristics make tenex an excellent choice for fabricating slings in various configurations.

A unique double braid with 24-strand out cover of polyester fiber and inner core of Technora fiber. Due to the high heat resistance of the Technora fiber, the product is well suited for Prusik Loops.

Adjustable load rating lifting slings. The sling has a permanent eye spliced at one end and an adjustable eye at the other end that allows it to adapt to loads of various sizes. The adjustment allows snug lifting control and minimizes the number of fixed length slings required. With three sizes to choose from, there is a Samson Whoopie Sling for any lifting job. Each is permanently taged with its capacity, polybagged and shipped in a carton.

Offers extremely high strength, for pulling down 'hangers'. Samthane urethane coating allows the line to glide over rough bark while providing excellent abrasion resistance. The exceptional low stretch allows greater control. Achieve higher throws with lighter weight. Best used with 8 to 10 once throwing weigh tand may be used for hand-throwing or with mechanical systems. Store hand tended in a bucket or bag, do not coil.

An excellent bull rope. Plied yarn, three-strand construction of high tenacity polyester fiber. This contruction offers minimal stretch and maximal resistance to abrasion translating into superior performance and exceptional service life.

Our strongest rigging line. Polyester double braided construction coated with our Samthane Type "A" urethane coating in bright colors. Stable braid offers durability, ease of handling and spliceability so you can take full advantage of its high strength.

PTS-3 is a tough, durable, heat-stablized. Samthane urethane impregnated, 3-strand nylon. This highly visible line is designed for control but also absorbs shock when required.

Designed to meet the demands of rescue, rappelling and specialty rigging. Meets or exceeds NFPA 1983. Colors: White, Black, Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow. Color Code = X. White = 0; Yellow = 1; Black = 2; Red = 4; Orange = 6; Blue = 8

A tough, durable, 3-strand rigging rope. Spun fiber in the cover prevetns fusing under heavy load. A tighter twist than most 3-strand ropes makes it very durable - even with heavy use.

A light weight, high-strength 12-strand climbing line. Tough polyester jacket fibers surround polyolefin center fibers to maximize resistance to wear and fiber fusing. The workhorse of the industry. 12-strand polyester polyolefin construction. The best known, most widely used rigging line in the industry.

Braided Safety Blue

Tightly plied, polyester 16-strand cover, offers smooth snag-free surface.

Polyolefin yarns in the core of each cover strand reduce weight and improve handling.

Twisted parallel blue core yarns, of "our trademark" core, allow the rope to stay firm and round while in use. It also acts as a "warning flag" if the cover is cut.

Tough durable cover treated with a protective finish that minimizes abrasion and maximizes rope life.

A true 1/2" climbing line which is the finest available. The industry standard.

Braided Safety Blue High-Vee

The same performance qualities and construction as Braided Safety Blue but with a high visibility orange-and-white cover pattern.

High-Vee stands out in the workplace and can be designated as a critical life safety line.

Spliced Safety Blue and High-Vee

Made using the industry's finest climbing lines.

For use as a "split-tail" or as a climbing line to eliminate tying a knot at the saddle.

Professionally spliced eye, with or without thimble.

The Fly

A quantum leap forward in the evolution of the static kernmantle, The Fly is designed for all vertical applications that interface with mechanical hardware. It offers the perfect combination of the low stretch characteristics of a static rope with the added safety of being able to withstand the forces and absorb some of the energy generated by a fall. The Fly's unique construction creates a rope that's easy to knot, yet resists flattening and glazing. And with a hand that's a perfect balance between firm and supple, it runs through gear without feeling mushy to provide a smooth and controlled descent. The Fly gives you all the confidence you need when working aloft. Best suited for arborist climbing rope, window cleaning, ropes course, rope access, & indoor climbing applications.

Available in 11mm diameter
Non-spliced or Spliced with eye & thimble
Red with white fleck