Head only $74.95
Big Shot kit $99.90 (with 8 ft. fiberglas pole)

Big Shot
Prior to Big Shot, distant line deliveries required an expensive CO2 or powder charged gun with its specifically designed projectile. The problem with guns is that if the target is "less than a great distance away," the user runs the risk of grossly overfiring or worse. Using a manpowered throwbag is indeed simple, but often inaccurate and always requires a lot of practice to master. Big Shot can easily outdistance a hand thrown projectile, and can handle a larger variety of projectiles than a line gun. The Big Shot is unique in its "soft touch" ability to accurately place a line less than a great distance away. Its ability to fire a wide range of materials without the use of gun powder, pressurized and expensive cartridges, special permits or other expense helps create an experienced user faster. Now, using the Bow Hunter reel with a light line you can reach 150 vertical feet with ease while 200 feet is not unusual with limited practice. The Big Shot head is designed to fit into the metal, female end of an 8 foot, heavy-duty, fiberglass pruner extension pole and nothing else. The complete Big Shot system sets up in only seconds and weighs less than 10 pounds. No other method of line delivery requires so little equipment and expense to do so much!